Everything seems to be coming together for the house and our move at the end of next week. Everytime something pops up that would be a showstopper, we find ourselves dodging the issue with ease. Today’s adventure stemmed from our mortgage company wanting a copy of my 2003 Income Tax Appraisal. However, it appears that it has disappeared from my files…most likely disposed of accidently in a cleaning purge by “she who will remain nameless lest she stab me with a big knife”. So, a call to Revenue Canada it is, and amazingly they were quite helpful. They answered right away (no hold time at all), and they stuck the required item in the mail immediately…we expect it by Friday. Whenever do you hear stories like that about the government?
We may also have a tenant for the basement. Bob, our agent, met her today to give her a tour, and she indicated she wants it. As long as her credit check turns out reasonably ok, we’re set. So, that just helps pay the mortgage off that much faster.
Now everything comes down to packing, and that’s going well. Melanie has things well in hand on an organizational standpoint, so the move should be quick and easy. The big fish tank is gone now, along with its denizens. They’ve got a good home, and my family and friends don’t have to help lift the thing. {giannt sigh of relief is heard} Next we await the departure of our table and chairs, as we are getting different ones for the house. Hopefully, the delighted owner of those comes by soon.
Part of my is excited about getting into the new house…but most of me is still numb. I’m sure it’ll completely hit me when I’m there.