I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately. I’ve cut my carbs down, take multivitamins, drink lots of Water & Herbal Tea and try to take a walk at lunch.
Part of my reason is vanity…I hate the look of a double chin on my face. A larger part is increasing my health in general, and I don’t just mean for the obvious reasons. My arthritis makes it extremely difficult for me to exercise at the best of times, and it doesn’t help to have a spare-tire to boot. So, I see a solution in eliminating some of my extra bulk and easing myself into a low impact exercise program. Furthermore, my body seems to prefer a low-carb diet. My knees and feet slow their swelling and I’m far less groggy in the morning when I wake up. I win on both counts.
With the double whammy of being a homeowner and father on the ever closing horizon, I want to be able to live up to my complete potential on both counts. I want to be able to putter around the property doing odd jobs like gardening and cutting the lawn. I want to be able to go for long walks and camping trip with my children when they come of the age to appreciate that.
If I don’t start a routine now, chances are I never will.

The area I’ve been able to cut out that has helped the most is Fast Food. I’ve always been a fast food junkie, and would happily run out to buy something quick when Mel was too tired to cook. Then one day I found myself thinking, “Why?”. Melanie is a far better cook than anything you’ll find in your conventional fast food joint. Hell, she’s better than most normal restaurant selections. And she LIKES to cook (So, any of you with kneejerk reactions thinking I’m a chauvinist can go get a life)
What was my facination with greasy fried burgers, when I could barbecue us a better quality, homemade patty that was mixed and spiced perfectly by my wife? The only answers I could figure was the speed factor, and a hold on to my bachelor lifestyle. Speed eating is silly now. The days of me needing to wolf down as large a meal as possible while heading off to my next solo adventure are pretty much over. Now, I come home and spend time with my wife, eat a normal (and noticeably smaller) dinner, then stroll out if I am required to. I’m happier for it. Mel is happier for it. The foundations for us having regular family dinners are set.

A healthier family and a healthier body…what more can I ask for?

This blog inspired by this link. Scary stuff.