We are fairly certain that the last of our great hurdles in the process of buying the house are behind us. Now, we are left only with the tasks of finishing the packing (at 80% right now), setting up a visit to do a final survey of the house and then if we are pleased with the results of that sign the papers. It feels weird to have everything fallen into place…it almost worries me in its seeming perfection.
We had a little scare on the weekend. One of the apartments on the second floor of our current residence was completely obliterated by fire, so we had to evacuate into the cold and wet while the fire department did their work. Melanie was worried about our cats, but seeing as how the building is pure concrete and the apartment was several units away I wasn’t worried about it spreading to us. What I did worry about spreading to us was the actual water being used to put the fire out. I didn’t know how far it might travel in the walls…and if it did reach our apartment and damaged our belongings we’d be screwed…we are in between insurance policies right now. Luckily, we were unaffected by this. Sadly, many of the apartments closer to the fire were not. You could actually see the cracks in the walls and the massive carpet stains from the runoff in the hallway.
That’s the second fire in our complex in a month…another reason we are very happy to be getting out.