T-minus 3 days before the big move, and everything is still going fine. We have discovered that the tenants of the house have already moved out for the most part…but still have until Thursday night to clear out any of their stuff that has been left behind (apparently there is still a lot of it, according to our agent). As of Friday, the current owner will be going in to clean the house into a respectable condition. Then we take ownership.
Tonight we are going to pop by to do a quick survey ourselves of the house and to meet a good ‘ole boy from “The Rock” (non-Canadians may have to look that up) who may very well be our tenant. Sounds like a good guy with steady employment…exactly what we need. We had other bites for potential tenants, but none of them passed our agents scrutiny.
On my daily (when it doesn’t rain) lunch walk today, I saw my first Dandelion of the year. Spring is REALLY here now.