As of 3:20pm yesterday, we are officially homeowners. It was a much longer wait than we anticipated, loaded with a hell of a lot of stress, but now we are past the worst. Now is the time for setting up the house the way we want it..a job I originally figured was going to be slow but easy. Fool that I am.
Melanie’s parents have insisted we get everything finished quickly, lest something be left unpacked before baby comes. Therefore, they will be coming over every night for a few hours until the task is done. So, no sleep for the wicked.
Last night I was able to get my office into a fairly good shape and set up the PC. Yes, this was priority…income tax deadlines were last night and I wanted to get them sent off.
Then issue#1. Discovered that this was the only room in the house with no phoneline. Figures, but no worries…I just ran out to the local hardware store, picked up some phone cable, and Stefan (my father in-law) and I ran a line from the master bedroom to the office. Hooked it up and fired ‘er up. Then….
Issue#2: DSL line was not connecting. Made a call to Ma Bell. Found out that our move order…setup about three weeks beforehand; had been lost. So, no internet that night, and even with Melanie screaming at a supervisor for a half hour, discovered we’d have none until Wednesday. What I don’t understand about Bell is they definately had the move order right for our phoneline. To have DSL, you must subscribe to Bell for a phoneline. Therefore, when they moved our phone, why didn’t any redflags occur for the internet side? It’s like Bell is a squid…every service in a different arm, none of which know what the hell is going on in the others. Stressful and annoying. Melanie, being an awesome customer service rep, knows how to play the game, but I hate seeing her tearing a strip off of people when she’s only weeks away from giving birth…she doesn’t need the stress.
This is not the first time we’ve had problems with them too. They lost our order for ExpressVu. Twice. That was finally resolved, and it was installed a couple of hours ago. Good thing too…if they buggered that appointment, we were considered cancelling the whole lot.

Other big stress of the weekend. When we discovered we weren’t going to close on time, I set up an appointment for the cats to be bordered. While there, the vet discovered major dental issues with two of the poor beasties. $1000+ later we got them home. Thank god for Mel’s budgeting, or we’d be so screwed right now. Luckily, all three cats seem to be adjusting to their new home fine. My fish all made it too.

I love being in a house again. Last night I sat out on the porch with a tea and listened to the rain coming down. So soothing. This morning, I was surprised by how much natural light we had. After being in a dark apartment so long you forget what it’s like. The water pressure is amazing…like blow yourself backwards in the shower amazing (I’ll actually have to regulate that to conserve water and energy). Many new adventures as a homeowner seem to be coming my way. I look foward to them all.