Melanie and I both figured that the move would play havoc on the cats for at least a few weeks, but for the most part they’ve all done very well. Now, having to give both Branaugh and Furface medication twice a day has not made them bright and cheery, especially the latter, who would cheerfully rip my face off during the ordeal. They bounce back quick though, and don’t seem to hold a grudge. That I see at least.
Last night was a shocker. I had noticed a cat wandering around the property earlier in the evening, and apparently it likes to come up to our back sliding glass door to visit. Furface did not care for this visit at all, and the sounds he made were horrifying. Melanie, who had been fast asleep, was rudely awoken by a sound similar to a cat stuck in an active thrashing machine and she yelled out to me “What the hell is that???”. I had been watching TV in the living room and ran across to find Furface flipping right out while this other cat sits calmly on the other side of the glass just looking at him. I grabbed him and chased the friendly prowler away, and closed that room off for the night.
It’s not like this is the first time Furface has seen another cat outside. I can only assume that with the stress of taking command of a new residence (cat’s aren’t owned, they own), the idea of another cat in the mix – especially on the other side of the glass where he is unable to go – was a breaking point.
I’ll have to come up with methods of keeping that other cat away from the window…especially once baby comes. We don’t want any more late night living alarms going off.