It has been a very busy, yet very rewarding week. Other than for my office and the nursery, all rooms have been put together quite nicely. I am literally still surrounded in boxes in my office, yet that is on my list of “to do VERY soon”. The reason I haven’t gotten to that yet is the focus on everywhere else. Stefan and I painted the nursery yesterday while Melanie was out at a baby shower getting all kinds of goodies for the baby, and tomorrow we will be ripping out the carpet, revealing the nice hardwood floor that was criminally being hidden away. Then all the baby’s furniture comes in. The crib is to be setup, and the dresser and wardrobe put in place. Then we can officially say we are as ready physically for the baby as possible. The mental part is yet to be seen.
My mother and clan were all over tonight for supper – the dual purpose being a delivery of the crib. But that’s not all folks! What did I find in the back of their van? A beautiful brand new Red Craftsman 6.5hp lawnmower – their housewarming gift to us. I was very pleased – this is a gorgeous machine. Funny – for somebody like me who always hated to mow the lawn as a teen, I am very excited about doing it now. Guess it’s the homeowner gene taking root. Had my first BBQ as a homeowner tonight too. The six of us sat on the back deck and had a great meal. It’s nice to be able to entertain guests, and to have the room to do it right.
Larger surprise of the weekend was Melanie’s sister flying up from Minneapolis for the baby shower. This was apparently a long planned event on her and her parents part, and they left it a total secret from Mel and myself. Mel was brought to tears by her presence. This is the kind of reason we’ve named Britta Godmother.