Stefan ripped the carpet in the Nursery out last night and we discovered that the baseboards had been aligned to the carpet, not the gorgeous hardwood beneath. So, after we removed all of the carpet runners, off came the baseboards to be realigned an inch lower. First though, additional paint was required on the newly exposed areas…the second coat I applied at 11:30pm last night. Tonight we will reinstall the boards at the proper height and then finalize the setting up of the room. Luckily, not much to do. Everything is inside the house, so no further moving of heavy furniture. My shoulder and knees thank this fact gratiously.
Stefan was also kind enough to cart away all of the accumulated waste from the move. The boxes, the protective padding/wrapping and some miscellaneous debris left by the previous owner. I now have a clear garage for parking…all I need to do is sweep and shopvac the floor to remove all of the various kinds of nails, screws and broken glass that I have noticed during our week here. That’s a weekend project.