The clock has reached its scheduled conclusive time, but just kept on ticking. No baby yet.

So, we now take every day or perhaps every hour, with baited breath. It’s just a matter of time before the little one decides to make an appearance, and both Melanie and I are hoping to be in the best situation and location as possible when that happens. Everyday this week, I’ll be on my commute to work, wondering whether my cellphone will go off telling me to head back. Anxieties run high.

Melanie would just like the kid out now. She’s had enough of the inner tapdances and arm shuffles that occur at seemjngly constant periods of time. I don’t blame her.

So many people tell me to enjoy these last few days…that my sleep and stress levels will go up when baby is here. Personally, I think it’s the opposite…I’m going to feel much better once I know the bay healthy, happy…and home.