My current big project at home to get my mind off of the baby being late is going through all of my old VHS Videotapes and copying certain ones onto my PC using my capture equipment. Mostly, these contain footage of myself as a teenager, and boy does my sense of humour at that time not always date very well. Currently, I have discovered two tapes from my Media Co-Op and these mostly involve myself and a fellow student making asses of ourselves on camera instead of actually doing our regularly scheduled assignment.
Jayson, Mike, Ron and myself were the very first media co-op students at least at our school…possibly even for all of York Region (I can’t remember what our teacher, Mr. Guttman, said at the time about that). It was a great time. A good portion was spent at the old headquarters of Trillium Cable 10 (later to be bought out by Shaw Cable, followed by Rogers) in Keswick, learning all about camerawork, editing and sound mixing. These three I did particularly well in. Perhaps we should have spent more time on Storyboarding and Scripting, because we are utterly terrible on camera. I spend so much time pulling off a Jim Carrey like routine…making sound effects and just goofing off, that even the current me is shouting “GET ON WITH IT, YOU STUPID DORK!!!”. I then spend more time showing off my switchboard and Character Generator skills by messing with Jayson’s bit so that he can’t focus on his assignment either. How I passed that class with top marks, I’ll never know….

….Oh yeah…it’s because I was good at editing and camerawork and sound design. My onscreen capabilities…controlling myself as an actor came much later.