Melanie is now carrying six days late, so this evening she’s going into the hospital to be giving a dose of Cervidol to loosen things up a bit. Then, if things have not started by 7:30 tomorrow morning, she will be induced. We can only hope that things will progress normally as of this pont. We were at her Obstetritian this morning, and I had a chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat as it stands right, and it sounds great. Healthy and normal. I can hardly wait to hold him or her in my arms and feel the heartbeat myself.

As my friends Ric and Andrea are only a short jaunt from the hospital, I will head over to their house this evening when Melanie’s ready for sleep and crash on their couch. That way, if Melanie goes into labour during the night, I can get the quick call on my cellphone and be there in only a couple minutes. It’s an exciting time, and I am quite anxious for the big event to be over.

Most likely, my next post will be to announce the birth. Stay tuned!

Until’s a link to a website that I have put up. It contains some pictures from our two baby showers, and a bunch of pics I took of Melanie at Cherry Beach in Toronto.