Nathaniel and Melanie are both doing so very well. There were some tribulations at the birth…the cord was wrapped around Nathaniels throat when he emerged from the canal and he was as white as a sheet, so there were a few tense moments while the nurses spent a couple minutes checking him out carefully and clearing all the fluids from his lungs. But he pulled through just fine, as did Melanie.

They will be coming home in the morning, and I am very excited about spending some quality time as a family away from the hospital. Our stay there has been fairly good, for it being a hospital and such, but I’ll feel much better to have Nathaniel safe and home in his own crib.

I plan on blogging much more about the day, but to be honest I don’t think I’ve 100% come to terms with it all. Once I’m ready I will write it all down.

Until then…here’s a link to some pictures from May 31 and June 1.

Until later!