I’m still taking a mini-vacation from theatre for awhile so as to focus on Nathaniel and supporting Melanie, but I do have something cool to report on today. I was cast in a video for Joel Kroeker’s “The Wind” a couple months back, and after a fruitless search to watch it on Much More Music, I finally came across the video online at the production house that made it. Directed by Warren Sonoda, “The Wind” is a fantastic video with some great visual effects. And I look pretty cool if I say so myself (and I get some great screentime). Check me out as the angry boss!


It’s in Quicktime format. And if you really want to get tricky, after playing it in the small window they offer, head over to your Temporary Internet Files and copy out the MOV file you see there…it plays nice in Fullscreen.

And be sure to check out Joel’s CD. I bought it soon after shooting the video and love it to death. You can find it here.