After an uncomfortable wait in the hospital, Melanie finally had surgery on Wednesday evening, and her Gall Bladder was removed. Knowing that the wait was finally over lifted an extremely heavy weight from my heart and I was very excited when she informed me that she was being released the next morning. I still had to go to work though, so Stefan picked her up and she began her slow convalescence at home.
Even though Gall Bladder surgery is fairly simple (three tiny incision marks are the only evidence it occurred), it will be a few more days before Melanie is back at full strength. Even though her recovery has been pretty good, and she’s certainly not a whiner about it (I’d have to tie her to a chair to make her stop doing housework), she still finds it somewhat difficult to pick Nathaniel up to move around with him. Therefore, she’ll need some extra support at home until all is ok. Enter Super Opa. Stefan has been amazing during the last week, taking care of Nathaniel and doing odd chores around the house, and we are forever grateful to him and Doris for their support.
HOPEFULLY, with all of this turmoil slowly heading behind us, it will be time to regroup my writing skills, put my thoughts back together in a linear fashion, and start being creative again.

Until then, my big stress relief has been Ebay. Two items sold and shipped. A third item is being bid on now, and will close around this time tomorrow night. Somewhat exciting!