When work for me piles up, it REALLY piles up. In the last week I have had to complete a major graphic project for work (a licence plate game for a team building exercises…I’m rather proud of the result) and a poster for the Newmarket Stage Company. Meanwhile, and still in progress is a video collage for South Shore Theatre…for which I have been provided several bags of videos and photo albums with an incredibly tight deadline to complete things. Then I have the South Shore Programme for ‘The Odd Couple – Female Version, which opens in just over 3 weeks time.

So, when I received a call last night from a fellow artist asking me to design the logo for a new VOIP service launched by a Toronto Company, I had to request a later time window (or not at all). I just can’t take on anything else right now. I’ve so far turned down every other request for my time, including a big drink-fest this weekend, just because it doesn’t seem fair for me to whine about being busy while engaging in other activities which stop me from completing the tasks I already have. {sigh}.

Melanie has also observed a universal shift lately which appears to be telling me to go act in a show. Almost every single theatre company I have history with (and one I have no history with…yet) has had some contact with me in the last two weeks. It’s somewhat comforting to be so popular with these groups…I’d really just wish they’d spread their love out a little bit…say each group shares visitation rights, split evenly throughout the year. I could handle that.

Plus we had Nathaniel’s baptism ceremony on the weekend. Plus we replaced our 1996 Cavalier with the 1999 Cougar (beauty, eh!). Plus all our television shows have begun their second season! Aieeee!

Oh well. Just one more week and most of the stress will be over. Oh, who I am kidding…no it won’t…there will always be another project. I just can’t stop.