Actually, not that kind of make-up. I had to cruise down into the city this evening to make-up one of my classes for Second City. Since while in Level E you are not allowed to make-up a class in another Level E, I chose a Level C to jump into, from 6-9pm.
Different kind of teacher, different agenda, different class size. Only 6 people in the class, including myself, and the instructor ran things quite contrary to what I’m used to. The games, though in some subtle ways were the same, had a totally different take on them then I was ever used to. And I was shocked to be verbally smacked for asking the audience for a Non-Geographical Location from the audience when looking for inspiration in a scene. I was told that is DEATH ON STAGE. Funny how we’ve been doing that for several levels in my other classes and never seem to have a problem.
I did enjoy the class…it is always nice to see a fresh perspective on things…and I learned that I need to focus on my rhyming skills. We haven’t run that exercise much in Sandy’s class, and I kind of killed myself on stage trying to do a scene in rhyming couplets. Think I’ll look up some games in my spare time to practice with to hone that skill a bit.

Let’s hope that don’t pull that out on Thursday…when I have my Conservatory audition. Yes, I received the call today, and I have an 11:30am audition set. Nervous energy flows…I really want to continue onwards, and would hate to blow the audition completely. You never know what’s going to happen. The dynamics of my fellow auditioners along with myself will tell the tale. For improv is not a solo activity…you need to depend on your fellow improvisors to look good, just as they depend on you. Reality is, I’ll never know until I get there…so onwards and upwards!