{insert whimper here}. Just received my call from Second City, and I did not make the cut. Notes given: Needs more improv training, take further non-conservatory courses and audition again next time. So, between feeling like a puppet with its strings cut, an angry he-beast and the persistantly flexible fellow that I am, I have already looked up my options. My current instructor, Sandy, is offering the Continuing Improv – Ensemble course on Tuesdays from 8-10:30pm, and I may just jump at that.
Melanie and I will chat about it first though. She’ll be delighted that I have no Sunday classes now, but may still show reluctance to me being out late once a week. I HAVE to do something, though. Just deciding to take the semester off and auditioning again next time will probably not increase my chances. If Second City thinks I need more training, who am I to argue? Especially when I envision the possibility of working with them some day.
HOLY SHIT – Newsflash. Just received a call from one of my classmates, the esteemed Bindy. Of the five of us that auditioned, only one of us made it into the conservatory! What the hell is up with that?