Just to keep my life in check, lady luck loves to punch me upside the head sometimes. Today was full of good news, but as usual, timing makes it so that the amount of stress I have to dish out sort of ruins the excitement.
I have two auditions tomorrow. One is a callback for the singing bit I did last Thursday, the other something to do with toys. Truth be told, I love auditions; however trying to fit them in with the day job is a chore I do not enjoy. My boss has been wonderfully supportive over the last few that I have had, however I do not like to push my luck.
Soooo…what I plan to do is go in really frickin’ early tomorrow (say 6 or 7 – which, yes I know is on-time or even late for some of you), leave work at 11 to head to the first one. From there, since I’m down there anyway, I will run down to Second City to pay for the next course I’m taking Continuing Improv – Ensemble, then run over to Adelaide and Stachan for the second audition. Then back to work. If my plan works out right, I’ll still only be out of the office for 1 1/2 hours.
Well, gotta run. Time to spend some time with the wife and watch House…then hit the sack. Tommorow is going to be eventful and it will be here way too soon.