I had a Specialist appointment on Monday regarding my right shoulder, which according to my last MRI many moons ago is pretty much screwed. The doctor looked skeptical at first when he looked at me. I mean, I’m sure I look pretty young to have the symptoms that my chart says I do. But then we went through the range of motion checklist and he was pretty convinced by what he saw. I mean, I can’t even pick up a teapot or put a dish away with my right arm without sharp pains interfering with the movement. We discussed Cortizone injections in the shoulder, and even though I have already tried that once in the past unsuccessfully (in fact, I have had no success with Cortizone at all), the doctor felt it should be tried. I guess when you think about it, the last time it was tried, my Uric Acid levels were off the chart…and now they have reached the range of your average human being. Perhaps there will be better success.
What clinched the decision to proceed with this is he injected my shoulder with a local anaesthetic, and my range of motion improved dramatically in mere minutes. This shows that the problem is definately in the shoulder and not a nerve echo.
So, Monday morning, bright and early, I will head over to the clinic at the hospital to have this done. Guess I’ll have to drive Melanie’s car that day as it’s normally proper procedure to immobilize the arm after an injection…and that would make driving a standard a bit of an issue.
Man…typing that day is gonna be a bitch….but if the injection works, it’ll be worth it.
If it doesn’t work…I believe a small amount of surgery is involved in the next step. I have faith though.
Next step…both knees. I mentioned them to the doctor, and he said. One day, one problem. After a follow-up with him on the shoulder I will book for the knees. Those probably have to be replaced.
A couple years ago, I was against joint replacement surgery…but now that I have Nathaniel in my life, and see all the things I can’t easily do for him…I look forward to those little fixes that will make for a better me. At least in the physical sense.