Second City homework from last week was Westerns. So, I went out on Sunday and rented both The Magnificent Seven and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Now, I have discovered that the only serious chance I have of watching a non-romantic flick from beginning to end with little to no interuptions is to burn the midnight-oil. I wrapped up the first at 12:30am, and then watched the second last night until close to 12am. And now tonight I have class, which in of itself won’t get me home until close to midnight. Three late nights in a row…not the easiest task for me these days.
Up until just less than a year ago this would not have bothered me in the slightest. I used to stay up well into the AM, as that was my best time to do any creative work, and plus I really didn’t give a shit as to what time I went into work in the morning. Now, however, I am forced to develop a bit more courtesy for employment, as I’ve learned I’m not quite as indispensible as I once I thought I was, and the paycheque is a must.
Then again, my need for sleep could be just that I’m starting to get old (Ric & Rufus, no kneejerk bitchslaps please, I said STARTING, ok?).
The movies (as research material) are important, however, and I feel less guilty watching them when wife and baby are sleeping…so the time must continue. So, what I may do is pick certain nights, non-consecutive, when I watch one. This way, I may get 2 or 3 in during a week, and come into class with a lot more ideas. I hate being the one who always has to say, “No, I watched no movies, I’m a dad. ’nuff said”.
btw…because The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is a marathon three hour flick, I actually started watching it while Nathaniel was awake. He sat on my knee, and flinched during the first gunshot, but took the other 82x3000e explosions (goddamn that movie is full of explosions) in stride.
Well, I’m off to class now…interested to see what our next genre assignment is going to be. Horror? Bollywood? Blaxpoitation? We shall see.

BTW…I had no intention of taking so much time off of blogging…but the remainder of my freetime was stolen by reading. What I was reading, why it took up so much time…well, I’ve leave that to my next post. Let’s just say it actually connects with a writing project I’m slowly assembling the skeleton to.