This has been a bit of a trying week for us in the Norton household. We were forced to have one of our cats put to sleep. Goofy, a cat of enormous girth and silent meow, had been put on double secret probation about a month ago when she was caught peeing on Nathaniels things. We had been keeping her in our bedroom with her own litterbox and food supply, and she was being extremely well behaved, until the day she was let out of the room for the day while some work was being done in the bedroom. She immediately went and relieved herself on the Alphabet mat we had bought to replace the last one she peed all over. Not amused were we.

Melanie brought Goofy into the relationship, and she made the final decision to have her put to sleep. We had looked into other options, like surrendering her to the SPCA, but they were extremely unhelpful when we asked for their assistance (It’s not like we were giving her up for the hell of it…this is our sons health we are considering). Also, Melanie’s vet thought this would be more humane for her then trying the adoption route. She may get a poor home, and then suffer for that. So, on Thursday afternoon, braving the terrible weather we had that day, Melanie packed up the cat and left for the vet when I got home for work. An hour or so later, it was all done.
I’m proud of Melanie’s bravery in being the one to take her. I offered to do it myself, however Mel stated that Goofy stuck with her through all the goods and bads in the past, and it wouldn’t be fair to not be there for the end. Now we take things gingerly one day at a time while Melanie grieves for her one and only pet. She even commented that all the rest are mine…two cats, fish and the recent addition of three female hooded rats (one of which is staring at me as I type this…it’s kind of freaky). I too miss the tubby cat that squeeked like a mouse and walked like a raccoon, but I’m an animal lover in general so it’s natural for me for do so. Melanie loved Goofy unconditionally, except for when it came down to the choice of Cat vs Nathaniels health, and it’s obvious who would win that battle. It still really hurts.

To keep her mind occupied, Melanie has thrown herself 200% forward into painting our bedroom. WIthin a couple days time it went from an idea to a reality. I’m still kind of reeling from the speed of her decision. The first coat of paint is already up, and I expect she will have everything finished on Wednesday, when my mother is willing to take Nathaniel away for the day. If it makes her happy to do so, then all the power to her. She deserves it after this week.