Another Christmas has come and gone, and our household had a very good day, even though the concept of being with all of our family didn’t work out this year. Nothing could be done about that though, so onwards and upwards we go.
Last night was the traditional German Christmas at Melanie’s parents house. Her sister Britta was up from Minneapolis, and the six of us enjoyed a pleasant day of traditional German foods, such as Rouladin and Red Cabbage. As always, Nathaniel was in great spirits, and he made out like a bandit on gifts from his Oma, Opa and Aunty. A ton of clothes, a riding Catepillar toy and a giant plush horse were among his new belongings. Now we just need to figure out where to put them.
Today, we spent the morning with my father and grandmother for coffee, and then headed out to my mothers place for Christmas dinner.
I spent a few hours finishing the work on my step-fathers Christmas gift. We had bought for him a new Asus Motherboard, a 2.66ghz celeron processor and 512mb memory, which I installed last week, but I was rushed out of the house with a sleepy baby, work not completed. All I had to do was clean up Windows a bit to work with the new architecture. He still has Windows 98SE though, so it doesn’t quite take advantage of the new power…I have convinced him to go buy an XP upgrade in the near future…that’ll get the system rocking for him.
Dinner as always was wonderful and obscenely filling. The company was top notch. And once again, Nathaniel was absolutely wonderful. Bonus to us…somehow we have seconded all of the leftovers, which is wonderful for this week…very little cooking required.
The drive home was dreadful. Between the rain earlier and the heavy snowfall driving at us, visibility was almost 0. White knuckle the whole way, taking the long way around for safety reasons. We made it safe and sound.
My father gave me a call tonight asking if I wanted to come with him to Futureshop for the doorcrasher sales, which I was originally interested in; until he informed me that he would be leaving at 5:30am to go line-up. I immediately backed down. No sale is THAT important to me. I may still go out later on, so I can use my gift-certificates to pick up Rush‘s R30 DVD, which I have been dying to pick up. Depends on whether the weather improves or not.
This is going to be a simple week. Next two days off…back to work on Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday and Monday off. I’ll catch up on my writing and a bit of reading over this period. Hopefully I’ll start on some assignments for my writing course too. It’s about time that I make the time for that.
Hope everyone is safe, sound and with loved ones during the holiday season. Nothing quite like it.