My dreams of sleeping in over the holidays came crashing down this morning as Nathaniel decided that 6:30am was a great time to get up. Any further ideas of persuding my lovely spouse into being the one to get up with him were met with groggy death glares and some kind of mumbled voodoo charm. Not wishing to play cards with Thanatos, I dragged myself out of bed to start the little guys day.
I got his food all warmed up and prepped, and then went into his room to get him up, and damn if he hadn’t gone back to sleep. So, back into the fridge they went, and back into bed I went. Fifteen minutes later, his catnap ended, and the process started all over again.
A couple hours later, after his breakfast of oatmeal and formula had been consumed, and a couple cups of tea were keeping my brain levels from bottoming out, he decided that a he wanted to nap again, and I had no regrets over the issue. This time though, I decided that it was useless to return to bed, so I got myself prepped to face the world. Foolishness or bravery (or both) had lined my heart…I planned to try some Boxing Day shopping with some Futureshop gift certificates I had. Normally I tend to stay away from stores on these days…the crowds are way too trying on my patience. However, there were some fantastic deals on blank DVD’s, and I noticed there was a special price on MS XP Home…I could pick that up for my Step-Father, which would finalize his system.
So, once Nathaniel woke himself up (roughly the same time that my wife finally arrived on scene), I packed him up and the two of us headed off to Futureshop for some shopping. What a freakin’ nightmare.
Most of the time I was able to navigate around the store without problems. I even chatted with a lady there about the merits of different brands of DVD’s (I guess the salespeople were unhelpful, so hey, let’s ask the harried looking guy with the cute baby). Then I went to look for my music DVD’s. Guess what, the sales line-up goes right through that aisle, which I could have probably pushed my way through when I was alone, but with a stroller and progressively cranky baby I dared not. So, I got into line, with the expectation that I would get a chance to look when I got through that section. Twenty five minutes later, I arrived at the area I needed, and the line-up in front of me began to move 3x faster than before. I was harried to find my titles, and they were not where I expected them to be. I hoped to ask a salesperson to look for me while I stayed in line-up, but surprise…not salespeople around all of a sudden.
So, I grabbed three titles I did want to see, including Ben Folds and Waso: Live in Perth,
Live 8, and From Dusk Til Dawn (a movie I absolutely worship). No Rush and no Primus to be seen…I will have to go looking for those on another day.
After we returned home, my father soon dropped by with a 19″ television set for us to use (they have upgraded to a goliath model in their living room, and the trinkle down effect of moving tv’s around the house found one bumped out), and my brothers computer for help on installing a new hard drive. Melanie then informed me that we were invited to a friends house for a couple hours, but I begged off for the afternoon…I had sincere plans to do some writing and the figured if she and Nathaniel left the house for a bit I would get that chance. Ha!
I was able to install the new drive easily enough, but then freakin’ XP took forever to initialize and format the thing. By the time it was done and packed up, Melanie was pulling back into the driveway with the baby. So once again, nothing done…but I look forward to getting some done tonight. Hopefully Mel will let me…umm, she’s leaning on my shoulders right now…she is offering to go out with the boy again tomorrow. Let’s hope inspiration flows.