With the coming of 2006, another big change is about to occur in our household. Melanie has decided to go back to work. As of this coming Monday, she will officially be back on the payroll at The March of Dimes, using up her 2005 vacation entitlement. Then the 23rd will see her returning to work.
This in itself is not that difficult to bear. She works overnight shifts, 3 nights one week, 4 nights the next, and she is able to sleep for much of the shift (onsite oncall). Nathaniel has always been a fantastic sleeper, so I personally have no concerns about sleepless nights destroying my ownbrain. What does need to change is my own morning routine. Melanie won’t be off work until around 8am. So, I need to get Nathaniel up in the morning, have him fed and changed, and pretty much bolt out the door when Melanie pulls into the driveway so that I can be ontime for my own job.
I’m certainly not going to whine about this. A lot of families have schedules that are downright nasty in comparison to ours. People who have to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet while raising a family earn my respect – I have no idea how they do it (my mother was one of those when I was but a pup). Melanie and I will still have a few nights of the week free to ourselves, and even those nights she does work she doesn’t need to leave until after Nathaniel goes to bed…and I’m usually writing or something at that point anyway.
The only big concern I have is my Second City courses. I may need to look at doing an earlier class, say 5:30-8, so that we don’t have to continually get a sitter, and to avoid the arguments that hints of dropping them altogether may cause. I need to get my resume in for the conservatory by Thursday the 12th, so I’ll be able to look into when classes are after that.

btw…this entry was planned for last night, but I decided to tweak some storywriting instead. My resolutions are still on track