Things have been hectic in the household lately. The renovations on our bedroom is still in process. I found myself hanging a new chandelier, multiple hooks, and mapping out one of the walls using the equivalent of quantum theory for three picture frames. There are questions as to the placement of the fishtank, and do the fish match the curtains.
While in construction and/or purchasing mode, some conversations between my lovely spouse and myself would leave many people wandering away with a dazed expression on their faces. An example of one of these (I’ll leave you to guess who is who, it isn’t difficult) follows. This has been altered a bit for good reading and/or your sanity.

“What kind of shelving do you want?”
“Wait, I already told you the answer to that.”
“Well, obviously I forgot, so indulge me.”
“There’s these box things I saw on a home improvement show. Well, not really a box, but boxish….kinda…sorta..”
“Oh. Well, that explains everything.”
“Well, did you want something else?”
“No, I trust your opinion.”
“Don’t you have an idea?”
“It’s your project, do whatever you like, dear.”
“It’s not my project, it’s OUR project.”
“No no, this project gives you pleasure, I insist you do whatever you like.”
“But don’t you want a say?”
“Babe, all I need is a bed and a floor to throw my clothes on and I’m happy.”
“So you don’t appreciate what I’m doing?”
“NO WAIT! NO no that’s not what I meant….um…I meant…um…it was a joke! haha…get it? um..i’m sorry?

And so on and so on.
It is a lot of work ripping things out and starting afresh. Occasionally tempers run high. Unkind words can be heard. But then you look at all the problems that other people are going through. Somebody’s cheating on their spouse. Somebody else fought tremendous hurdles to help somebody out, only to be victimized by that person in the end. Families torn apart by violence and betrayal.
Compared to that, we’ve been sweating the small stuff. At the end of the day, frustration and anxiety over something as small as a bedroom renovation should just be laughed at. We’re learning to do just that, and it draws us even closer together as a family. The way it’s meant to be.