Six classes down. Two to go. Continuing Improv – Ensemble has been an excellent experience for me. I’ve had a lot of fun, for the most part. This is a good class to see my own limitations up close and personal. With it being all new people and new dynamics, I have less of a safety net to fall on. It is sink or swim. I chose not to drown, but I do still take on too much water from time to time. I still crack up occasionally. My accent work needs help (if I lose concentration even for a second it tends to slip). I wait too long for the perfect moment when on a sideline. All things I recognize in myself that I wish to work on further. So, where to go from here?
I’ve met a few more people who I’d give anything to continue working with after this class is done. Jenn and Katie (incidentally the only girls in the class, but this is merely a coincidence I assure you) are absolutely wonderful to work with. I find my best work in this level has been when working with them. Dave and Dinesh are powerful ideas people…the most brilliant ideas seem to just roll from them…would love to do some shows with them. There’s a couple more people too… Everybody gets busy though, and I have no idea if any of them have considerations of what they wish to do next themselves. Do more classes, or just jump, get some people together and actually do some shows. I plan to ask. Sadly, the extremely talented members of my A-E group, with the exeption of Rufus, apparently have scattered to the four winds. I’ve only heard from two of them since. All of our talking about forming a troupe was a waste of energy. So, time to shift focus…begin looking forward.
I have submitted my resume again for the Second City Conservatory programme, but part of me doesn’t really care if I make it or not. If I do, great, they obviously saw something in me they can use. If not, then I’m going to grab a couple bodies and start going to some open shows at the Bad Dog Theatre, possibly even Theatresports. Time to get even more experience and knowledge, and I definately will get more of that working it out on stage and watching other improvisors in action then worrying about what programme will take me. It’s gonna be a fun and scary ride, and I look forward to every minute of it.