For the last couple of months, I have been debating the direction that I want to go for some extra education. Do I focus on theatre, do I move towards some technical certifications, or do I just work towards a Bachelors degree slowly and painfully. All choices have their merits, just some involve a lot more time, money and patience than I usually have at any given time.
I don’t make choices easily. I have a thousand ideas running through my head at any given time, all of which I’d love to do. But, I’m not some pseudopod amalgamation of Methuselah, Bill Gates and The Dalai Lama so I’m forced to focus on one thing at a time. But that’s not easy for me…I’ll start moving in one direction at mach speed and then abruptly veer off in another direction. Subtle events can cause this; a disagreement with my wife about money, frustration about my current job and the business world in general, even the occasional vivid dream that inspires a new direction. It’s frustrating for me sometimes, and I know it can be very frustrating for my spouse.
So, when it came to focusing on courses, I started to break down the list to essentials. The latest choices are:

  • Acting Training
  • Programming diploma course – a “just in case” solution
  • Project Management courses – useful for the business and acting world

Then a couple interesting events occurred. I auditioned again for the Second City Conservatory, and was denied once again, even though I thought I had a good audition. Also, my current manager thought it quite unnecessary for me to work so hard to have a safety net in place. She feels I’m safe for as long as I want to stay there. If I want Project Management training, then they’ll give it to me here. It’s a good step.

Based on this, it freed me up to focus my education dollars on the acting world. Do I take more Second City courses? Do I take some more general scene study courses with Sears & Switzer? Or do I go bigger and take the Seneca or Humber Theater School certifications? What will help me more in the longrun?

My choice was made for me last night, in a surprise twist. Final answer? None of the above. I’m going to take a few months off from training courses, and do a show. I got the call I had been waiting for a few months for…Theatre on Main in Newmarket has asked me to play Sterling Mimm in Norm Foster’s Jasper Station. It’s a musical, and my character is spectacularly funny. Just what I need. Between that and a little theatresports troupe I hope to finalize tonight, I think I’ll keep me acting juices flowing.

The timing of this entry is interesting. Tonight is my final Second City class for now. Ensemble was a fun time, and I met a lot more good people, and this time I’ve met people truly serious about getting out there to do shows. I’ve made the contact with Bad Dog Theatre about entering a team in the theatresports competitions, now all I need to do is get the bodies in line and get a team name. If we were to work together at least every couple of weeks, then that alone will keep up my improv training…so in all sorts of ways I still win.

So…now I just need to balance this with homelife and Melanie now being back at work. It’s as easy as skipping on a tightrope over a pirhana tank, but all worth it in the end.