So, I finally got around to seeing the script for Jasper Station, and I tell you I was completely floored. I love it. I love the characters, I love the music, I love the story. Sterling Mimms is another one of those characters that I am sure was written specifically for me…like Norm Foster has been secretly recording my life (going to have to check my closets again). Indecisive and self-conscious yet knows he wants to give up his mundane life for a chance in the arts. Where does the risk become too much? At what point do you give up? Do you ever?
The one major problem we have encoutered is the somewhat compressed rehearsal schedule. The show opens on March 11. By that point, we need to have lines, songs and come limited choreography all worked out. Some of the songs have 5 and 6 part harmonies….no easy task, especially as most of the cast does not read music (fortunately for me, I can). Based on this need, the paper I was handed on my first rehearsal showed certain weeks had 4 evenings booked, and needless to say my spouse went through the roof. I cant honestly blame her for this, but I’m not the kind of person who complains about rehearsal schedules…I’ve just always been there when needed…part of being an ensemble. This time, it’s gone too far though…this show should have begun rehearsing a month ago, and my family life should not be suffering as a result.
Following an extended disagreement last night, I found myself have the lyrics to Cat’s Cradle running through my head. Melanie even commented at one point, “Do you want me to have to call you to let you know he’s crawled for the first time, or says his first word, or walks?” (Now, he could easily do those things while I’m at work, but that’s besides the point).
So, I will create a compromise. I love the show, and want to do it. I am a very good line learner. I can teach myself most of my songs. I will hold that end the bargain up. But on the weeks that have four rehearsals (not including dark week of course), I will just have to miss one. So unlike the me that everybody in theatre has known all these years, but I do have to put my wife and child first.
This is my first show since Nathaniel was born. I’m still not used to the balance required. But I’m learning…very slowly.