I’m back.
My circumstances are not unique, so I won’t go into too many details about the loss of a muse, but after a rough patch in February I just lost any ambition I had to write. Stuff happened, and I sort of shut down for awhile. Happens to everyone once in awhile.
Other than for a few bumps in the road, I’ve been eyeing my keyboard more and more lately, and the muse in my head has been waking up. I have ideas, and need to force them out. No promises for anything life altering, but you never know what might come out of this noggin’ o’ mine.
Let’s tie up the loose ends…what the hell have I been doing for the last four months?
Well, to connect to the last posts I wrote…Jasper Station was postponed. The timeframe was obscene and unacceptable. It came inches away from causing permanent harm to my marriage. And I let it.
That’s a question I had to ask myself, though it took awhile. My wife asked it many times.
I’m a theatre geek. No doubts there. Have been for well over half my life. I’m so ingrained in the theatre community that when I’m asked to do something, no matter how tight the deadline, I pull through. I’ve been into everything over the years – acting, directing, producing, graphics, websites, advertising, tech, stage management, set painting and even executive council. I love to be asked to do things.
I have a hard time letting go.
I’m married now and have a child. I need to let some of it go. Not all at once, and not all of it forever. Just need to handle less at a time. This means I have to push back a bit on schedules and be willing to turn people down when necessary. It’s not THAT hard…it’s just a two letter word….’N…n…n…no’. Ok, not that easy either…but I’m learning.
To fill the artistic void left in my heart by Jasper Station going away, I took on a smaller but amazingly fun role in ‘No Sex Please: We’re British”, with South Shore Theatre. This fit the bill a lot more. The schedule was lax, the atmosphere was fun (for the most part), and I was onstage in my underclothes. What more could you ask for in a show?
In the world of improv, I have not returned to school for a few months, but have been filling that void with a couple shows with my group The Illiterati. We perform at The Bad Dog Theatre during their Midweek Mayham shows whenever we get spots. In fact, we have a show tomorrow night.
Back to Jasper Station news. Theatre on Main has acquired the services of Steve Thomas, who wrote the music for the show, to begin as Musical Director (whether he sticks it out or passes the torch is yet to be seen). They reheld auditions a couple weeks back, and I recently discovered that I have been recast as Sterling…with a show being held in November. NOW THAT’S more like it with timeframe. I’ll have the summer to learn all the songs and dialogue, and we will begin rehearsing in the fall.
Nathaniel first birthday
Nathaniel turned One year old on June 1, and the party was planned for the 4th. Well, expecting many young children to be present, the dire need to build a fence came into the forefront. So, with the help of my father-in-law Stefan (ok ok, more like his work with help from me), we have a 200 foot long galvanized steel fence running along the canal. So, no worries now about fishing ANYONE out of the water in any shape or form. It looks nice, and will probably raise our property value quite a bit, based on the safety factor alone.
Running up to the 4th was a bit of a worry, as it rained quite heavily right into the morning, but the day itself turned into a glorious day of BBQing, cake eating and friends gathering. All worth it.
Stefan and I are still working on the property. Now that the fence is up, we are spending some time levelling the property with dirt acquired from our front garden (which we plan to patio stone in). It’s a lot of tiring work and the yard currently looks like a warzone but the final result will be very rewarding.
Finally, after a very long wait, I go under the knife on the 23rd to get my shoulder fixed. They’re going to open me up, clean the bone spurs out, decompress the joint, and fix any potential tearing that may exist. Recovery time varies depending on what they discover in there…could be in a sling for a couple days, or could be in for weeks. Since I’m right handed, and it’s my right shoulder being fixed, it’s going to be a bitch to do any writing, typing, etc; And since I drive a standard car…ooo this ought to be fun. Let’s hope for the short recovery option.
Well, that’s a short synopsis of where I’ve been. Now, let’s just see where I go. Hope to enjoy the ride.