The Illiterti
Meet The Illiterati
I was writing a grandiose blog entry telling the entire history of how our group came to be, but then w.blogger suddenly decided to commit suicide 3/4 way through my post. I’m disgruntled, tired and my fingers are sore from typing.
So, I’ll paraphrase, and may re-write our history tomorrow. If my fingers stop smoking.
The group (Eric Luvisotto, David Wichman, Alexis Davids and myself) had our second show at The Bad Dog Theatre tonight, and it went very well. Bad Dog Theatre
We competed Theatresports style against The Sweater Sisters, and had a great time in three sets; first playing Typewriter (inspired by money, Dinosaur Eggs and the nation of Togo), followed by Compressed Day In The Life (A Catshoot – literally a photo shoot for cats), to be closed with an open scene (Playing Hookey).
Personally I felt we all did fantastic tonight. I know I was a lot more comfortable than our first gig, and we gelled well as a group. However, only one team may win the match, and the other team had more friends in the audience voting for them (though we only lost by 0.6 points).
The format of this show was better than the first time too. The first time around was a three team match, where only the judges awarded the points (ala Who’s Line Is It Anyway. Now that they’ve whittled it back to two teams and given the power back to the audience, it feels more and more like a real Theatresports match-up.
In my less than humble opinion, the four of us are a great team, and I see us getting better and better with each gig…I just hope the others agree with me and aren’t whispering let’s cut that Tim guy, he’s deadwood.
Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be pursuing some more shows outside of The Bad Dog for us to partake in…but until such an event happens watch for us at The Bad Dog Theatre – Midweek Mayham in a couple months (about when the rotation of teams finds us a spot).