Finally, the day has arrived. This morning I am heading to Southlake Regional Hospital to get my shoulder fixed. So, I finished my last coffee about 1/2 hour ago (normally I’d drink tea, but I cannot have milk – bloody vegans must run the hospital), and am hanging out with my son…whom I have discovered is getting to be pretty freakin’ fast! One minute we’ll be on one side of the house, and the next moment I realize he’s on the opposite end of it. I’m looking around for Jeff Goldblum to see if he’s built a teleporter pad in the house. Since he’s nowhere to be found (must be off filming another television pilot), I must come to the conclusion that Nathaniel has some cheetah DNA in him.
The kid is growing up fast. He doesn’t walk yet, but is already driving. He cruises around the house with his Little Tykes pushcart, and he takes no prisoners. Anything in his way is roadkill. The cats and our ankles suffer under his mighty wrath.
Nathaniel growing up is one of the reasons I am excited about having surgery on my shoulder. As he gets bigger and coincidentally, heavier, he will be more and more of a burden to pick up. If my shoulder was not fixed, then there would reach a point where I just could not do it anymore.


I want to be one of those fathers who is able to place his kids on his shoulders, and throw them up in the air (hopefully catching them), and all those cool ‘daddy’ things that kids look forward to. Having both shoulders functioning at 100% will ensure that this happens.
Next, gotta get the knees fixed so that I’ll be able to race with him. But that’s another story.
I’ll post later and let you know how the operation went.