The first part of the delay in my blogs was the fact it hurt too much to type long entries…so I didn’t bother. Then, even when I began to get enough range of emotion to reach my mouse without wincing, I found much more interest in my reading and playing Neverwinter Nights, a game I’m extremely fond of. I’ll try to be a good boy and blog more often now that I’m healing.
It was a rough patch for awhile there. The first night home I found myself awake at 1am running to the kitchen for more meds…excruciating pain. And slowly that ebbed away. After the first week I was able to take off the hefty bandage pack, and a few days after that I removed the smaller tape-like bandages. I have seven exercises that I need to run on a regular basis to gain range of motion back, and day by day I am actually getting stronger.
First accomplishment was driving the automatic. The second, reached just yesterday, was driving the standard. The last few days alone I have added about six inches to my reach, and am quite pleased at the result. I do expect that it will be 4-6 more weeks before I’m fully capable of beginning some regular strength training again, but it’s all for the good.
The final verdict? It was a really screwed up shoulder. My surgeon found a huge bonespur that had begun to cut the tendon and the rotator cuff in half. Also, it was so swollen with damaged goods that there was zero room to move in there…he had to cut away part of the bone so that he could stitch the tendon back (it will heal on its own, apparently). Fortunately there wasn’t too much damage to the rotator cuff, as I would be still in a sling for weeks if it was. I lucked out.
Other news at home, I have a surprise pet! I was looking out the door yesterday, and to my surprise there was a budgie sitting in front of my car pecking for food. I walked over to it, and after a halfhearted escape on its part (the poor little guy was starving), I picked it up, placed it on my shoulder and walked inside with a simple question; “Honey, can I keep him?”
The Budgie
I wil continue to look for its owner…I’ve made the routine calls, and have asked around, but if nobody calls back about him then the little fellow will officially join the family. Even Melanie has admitted to liking the sound of his chirps. Haven’t named him yet…wanted to wait to see if somebody showed up. I’ll call him something cool though. Hey, it’s my first bird as a pet, I have the right to get a little excited. Melanie just keeps saying something about the house being a zoo. Hey, until I can have one of those screech monkeys or a tarantula, the house has not met zoo status yet. Just wait a few days. {grin}

First Jasper Station get together is tomorrow night. I’ll soon know who the rest of the new cast is. I’ll report more then.