In less than twenty hours, the show which has slowly slid its way into my psyche as my favourite ever will be here. Jasper Station has been quite the ride – and I feel that my singing abilities have really been pushed to fantastic extremes. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m damned proud of the job I’ve done.

Steve Thomas stayed on as Musical Director until about four weeks ago, however he left us with complete orchestation and a very good feel for the music. We still have the occasional flub, but that’s to be expected. Theatre on Main is a little too small a venue for a full band, so the music is being sequenced through a high-end keyboard, but it sounds so great that I don’t think this will affect the audience enjoyment. The only difficulty is that since we don’t have a live keyboardist, we have to be pretty much dead-on with our cues for most of the songs, and I have to begin my character’s signature song “Bob’s Your Uncle” completely acapella as it’s supposed to be filled with simple piano chords. It still seems to work just fine though acoustically.


The rest of the cast have been a joy to work with, and each suits their roles extremely well. Here’s the list.

Kerrie Lamb as Rebecca
Phil Dionne as Bert
Mark Hayward as Henry
Tim Norton as Sterling
Barb Jones as Emeline
Ellen MacDonald-Kramer as Nikki

Well, I’m off to catch some winks, so I can be completely charged for the show…cheers!