Well, one down, eleven or possibly twelve shows to go (an extra show for charity is now in question). Though we did not have a fantastic turnout audience wise for our opening night, the attendies were very responsive and the show went excellent.
Bob’s Your Uncle was a blast. It’s perhaps the only song in the show which cried out for a lot of choreography, though due to compounding issues we never received any. So, we all have been making up stuff to do. There is a dance break number in the song which lasts for about 30-40 seconds, and so I have been improvising some soft shoe kind of work, and then we kind of break into a square dance (it’s a countryish song). Let’s just say that by the end of that break, I am pretty aware of just how out of shape I really am as I am pretty much gasping for breath just to finish the rest of the song. I didn’t feel too bad tonight though as I could hear poor Kerrie drawing gasping breaths at the same time that I was and she is in a lot better shape than I am.
Funny enough, I remember Steve Thomas saying that the original Sterling was always gasping for breath at the end of that song so at least I am following a status quo.
Everybody felt pretty much on tonight…I didn’t notice any serious line flubs, and I think I got all of mine out. It’s a good start to a four week run.
Following the show, we hung out for a little while to imbibe some vino and chat. I then headed out with the intention of hitting a karaoke joint (’cause I just didn’t get enough singing, eh?), but was high-jacked by my friend Ted to hang out at another pub where we shot pool and drank Canadian. We were entertained by a three piece band with a fairly filthy act, and I beat the bar champion at pool. Quite the good end to a long day.

With that I’m off to la-la land. Until later!