I love reading the news just to find an article that discusses how they have finally figured out that a drug which I have been taking for many months, has finally been determined to be safe.
Oh…lovely. You mean they weren’t certain if I would spontaneously combust or grow a second head up until this time? I feel so comforted.
Over the last decade I have been taking a lot of medication to control my arthritic symptoms…many of which have been pulled off the market since, deemed to cause heart disease or stroke. Vioxx, Celebrex, Mobicox…the list goes on. While the doctors had no clue what I had, they kept throwing different drugs at me to see what would happened. I was also on Methotrexate for awhile, which people have cringed at as it is considered by some to be a carcinogen (ironically it is used as a Cancer medication in high dosages).
I almost changed my initials to G.P. in moments of confusion.
After my shoulder surgery I was prescribed Naproxen as an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), and was amazed at how well I was feeling. Not only was my shoulder feeling great but my knees and ankles were holding up better than they had in years. So I went to my family doctor and asked if there were any dangers of taking this drug full time as my daily anti-inflam, instead of the simple dosage of Ibuprofen I had chosen to take (both as a cost-savings and a desire to stay away from harsh meds). He agreed, and I’ve been taking it ever since.
Now, I shouldn’t be too upset. I mean, the drug I already am taking has been deemed safe. Hell, I should be relieved…there are many people out there taking a drug that seems to work for them just fine, until they discover it is causing their genetic structure to revert to that of the missing link.
OK, now before the comments begin flying, I in no way believe for a moment that any drug I am taking is 100% safe…especially an anti-inflamatory. I know that over the years my stomach may self-destruct if not watched closely. However, for the simple pleasure of getting out of a chair or bed without groaning, I will take my risks.
I just wish that I knew the odds better before I took the medications, not months or even years down the road.