Starting am 10pm tonight, I began a 24 heart monitoring session. When they informed me about this test, I was told it was fairly indiscreet, and I’d be able to do everything normally. Well, this was based on the assumption that the device I had to wear was indiscreet itself – which I have discovered to not be so. I’m wearing this thing that looks like the old medical scanners in the original Star Trek – right up to the neck strap that Dr. Bones had to carry the thing on; it was so damned big. This cassette based machine records at a very slow pace and will pick up all the interesting variances (hopefully not that many) that my ticker is producing. Now I just have to figure out how to sleep with this thing on – should be an interesting night.

In less than three weeks, I go for my stress test – which I am not looking forward to at all. The appointment is booked for four hours, and I cannot see how I’m going to survive being on a treadmill for an extensive period of time. There’s a reason I switched from running to walking in my late teens…and that was a long time ago…long before bad knees and ankles decreased my mobility further. Oh well. I’m sure it will all just fine and this is all some melodrama. Better to be sure though. As long as the preventative tests don’t kill me first.