This will be the first of many blog entries from our trip to Germany. Yes, yes…I gave little to no notice lately that I’ll be over here on the blog – the reason for that is due to my need to practically kill myself over work. As we got closer and closer to the date I began working more and more hours. My health got worse and worse as I went and I was a zombie more often that not. Trying to fit in the few minutes necessary to think of something amusing to write about didn’t fit.
Now I have my break…sort of…
We are currently staying with Melanie’s uncle and Aunt and their family…getting our own little headquarters in their attic. Luckily they have high speed internet here, so I’m able to get my writing in, and catch up on the months of writing that has been bouncing around in my brain – sadly neglected. It needs to wait at least another day though.
I have recently discovered that I have to be up early (7:30am GMT+1) as we are heading to another town to visit Melanie’s Oma and other relatives…after which we will be driving back in Oma’s car; which she kindly allowed us to borrow while we are here. So, I need to grab a few winks (something I’m slowly catching up on) before this occurs.
So, short synopsis, which I will expand on. At YYZ Toronto at 2pm. Flight at 5:10pm. Uneventful flight on Air Canada to Frankford for 7 hours. Walk through airport (50000 miles long). Discover connecting flight to Dusseldorf has been canceled due to a little bit of fog. Mad scramble to call people waiting on other end for us. Get train trip to Dusseldorf-hbf station. VERY impressed by lack of snow and abundance of green grass. Cannot find people waiting for us. Mad call scramble again. They are at Dusseldorf Airport station. They grab metro to meet us. Finally connect. Take metro back to Dusseldorf Air. Mad scramble to find car. Very impressed and amused by cars in parking lot (55% Mercedes, 35% VW, rest Volvo and Jaguars. No winter beaters to be found. Impressed by German driving. Small roads, 150km/hour in driving rain. Somehow able to sleep a few minutes. No, I was not driving at the time. Got to destination. Discovered they were not expected us for almost a week (still can’t figure that one out). Good family, took us in anyway. Even fed us. Found myself addicted to German baked-goods and Pilsner Beer. Sleep necessary and welcome.
OK, that was day one in it’s minute form…I will write the rest in obscene length over the next few days. Until then, Gutten-nacht!