So my old friend Adam has asked where the name of the blog comes from.  Well, to be honest it happened rather suddenly, though a couple years after I registered the domain name.  It just took a friend of mine to bring the pieces together for me.

Almost a decade ago, I began experimenting with digital artistry and was so proud of what I was producing that I began going to art shows and tried selling my work…marketing myself as a serious artist.  Since Acting was my first love I was inspired to use that in the domain name alongside my newly acquired skill – I had no other motive at the time.  So, was born.
Well, though I still dabble in art from time to time I stopped marketing myself as that kind of artist a few years ago.  As a matter of fact I at one point in the blogosphere mentioned that I didn’t consider myself an artist, and my friend Diane popped up and drove a gamechanging comment home to me.  She said that I was too an artist…and it was Acting that was my Art.
After only a couple days, I was inspired to begin using the nickname the Acting Artist, totally loving the fact that the nickname has two completely different meanings.  One is the person who Acts for Artistry, the other who Pretends to be an Artist.  I’m leaving the choice of which they feel I am in the hands of my audience.