Just thought to post this in case anyone was checking in (if so, thank you!).  I have a lot to blog about regarding the last week, however I have been so exhausted that I just couldn’t spare the time I needed for sleep and homework to get in on it.  Same old story…life gets in the way.

Well, as I draw new inspiration from my own posts and endeavour to continue growing as a writer again I will be back very soon (likely tomorrow)…so stay tuned.
Just to tease you…I am now officially a TESOL Certified ESL Teacher.  The journey to get here has been filled with some ups and downs, and I’m not sure yet where it’s going to take me…but I’m opening myself up to possibilities.  There are various considerations that are incredibly important to deal with and it is my priority to focus on those first…but that will take time.  I will share with you what I can…again…tomorrow.