Eugh.  I’m fighting a bit of a cold tonight.  Six hours in a car today; three in the morning followed by the same on the way home kind of got to me, I guess.  I shouldn’t be that surprised that it hit me as poor Kyle has been fighting some kind of bug for the last couple of weeks and it was just a matter of time before it smacked me in the head.  It’s just funny that I felt fine when I left work and just needed to lay down when I got home.  A few hours later…here I am, forcing myself to do a bit of writing because I hate when I make a promise to myself that I don’t keep.  Hopefully this burns itself out quickly.

Its very possible that this actually started itself out yesterday without the ugly sneezing and pains associated with it.  I was at Toastmasters last night and really just felt completely off my game.  Thankfully I was not officially speaking or chairing the meeting, as I just felt like I was rambling everytime I did get up to discuss anything.  I ran the Table Topics component of the meeting based around many famous book titles (sans author), and when I chose to discuss what I imagined the book based around a title was about I just couldn’t stay focused.  I am planning to do a technical speech next week on so I need to get healthy and refocused by this weekend.
Health permitting, I am going to Keswick tomorrow night to say goodbye to a good friend of mine who passed away last week, so I’m not sure if I’ll get a post in or not…if not I’ll be back on Friday.

Favourite Podcast of the day: Two Minute Timelord