A few days break occurred in my new regime due to a combination of sick family and a very busy weekend schedule.  It’s crazy how the days just get away from you.  Yes, yes…I should be well more than aware of this based on the fact I have a five and AND a three year old child but it just needed to be said.  Once again, just a short linking post tonight as I’m worn out.  I just finished hauling the components of our snazzy new BBQ to our back deck.  The sucker weighs about 200lb altogether in the box, so I moved it piece by piece. 
We bought it this weekend from Ontario Gas BBQ…it’s a Broil King Sovereign XLS 90.  We were originally thinking of getting a Weber, but this had all the options we wanted, including a rotisserie.  Plus the price gave us a bigger bang for our buck.  I will finish putting it together on the weekend, and can’t wait to break it in with a nice steak dinner.   

Another toy I received just today was the Microphone I’ve been waiting to get for a long time.  It’s funny, I’ve been recommending it to people for about a year now, based on the sound alone, but haven’t owned one myself until now.  Being really into podcasts, I focus on the quality of the sound and try to find out what equipment is being used on the better produced shows.  The Blue Snowball mic seems to keep popping up time and time again.
So why did I wait so long?  Well, it comes down to money.  For those of you who have known me awhile, I used to spend money on electronic equipment like it was going out of style.  I’d spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on computers, audio equipment and movies/music…truly spending beyond my means.  Well, I had the means…I was making a fantastic salary, but I wasn’t keeping a safety net afloat.  My 20’s was a decade of feeling immortal…I bought myself, my friends and my family lavish gifts and felt like it would never end.  Well, it did.  The dot-com bubble burst, jobs became scarce and my arrogance faced a very ugly reality.  It took a long time to recover financially from this.
Now these days I not only put my wife and kids first when it comes to making financial decisions, I will also think a LONG time about buying anything for myself that isn’t a houseware.  Not a bad habit really.
So, now that I have the right tool for the job, I’m working on some project ideas for recording that should hopefully start appearing within the month.
And with that, I bid you Auf Wiedersehen.

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