I posted on Facebook yesterday that Google maps showed that I had walked 9km last night.  Now, not that it matters that much but in all efforts to be transparent with my new exercise regime I must admit that Google appears to have led me astray.


I wore my Nike+ gear for my walk tonight and even after adding a new path on my tour my iPod touch showed that I only did 7.7km over 1.5 hours.  This included walking up and down all the streets in the Belle-Aire Beach area, and looping back to the darkened streets of Belle Ewart.
I’m taking advantage of the weather we’ve had to try to get myself back into a slightly better shape.  With the winter coming, I know there will soon be days ahead where I won’t want to do as much outdoors exercise as I’ve been doing lately so might as well enjoy it when I can.   

I do find walking to be very therapeutic, and not only physically.  I remember the early days of moving out on my own.  I was living in a completely trashy location and had very little money to invest on indoor entertainment so I would spend hours walking up and down the streets of the town I was in.  I was a little depressed then about my situation so being able to just focus on the geography of the streets while pumping great travelling music through my walkman would cheer me up.

I am in a much better place these days mentally, but the stagnation of just ending my evenings in my office working away sometimes gets to me.  Sure, I still ended up here but at least I know I’m rewarding myself for doing something fulfilling.  I also get ideas for the multitide of projects I have on my plate, whether that be writing, Toastmasters and even my day job at DAC.

As to that…I’m going to spend a few minutes on some of that.  Here’s hoping the weather holds up for tomorrow!

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