I attended the Belle Ewart Legion Remembrance day parade along with the 1st Alcona Scouting movement on Sunday. Before the post parade ceremony began, the reverend took a few minutes to approach all of the boys and girls in our group to speak to us directly (with the idea that all youth should listen in).  As few of them will have context as to what a soldier really does beyond anything they see in a video game, she raised a very good point that we should honour all service people, whether they be military, police, paramedics, firefighter, etc; a sentiment that I heartily agree with. Their time and dedication to others must be respected and honoured.

As I consider the point, I think we also should remember their spouses who would see them off; in some cases knowing there would be months or even years of space in between the next time they would see again. In too many cases it was never.
Today I honour the memory of my grandparents, Bill and Elizabeth Norton. But I also send respect and honour to my friends who have or still serve..in all capacities.

 Thank you.