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So my old friend Adam has asked where the name of the blog comes from.  Well, to be honest it happened rather suddenly, though a couple years after I registered the domain name.  It just took a friend of mine to...

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I’ve been reading back into my older posts both here on blogger and on my old blurty account and see plenty of areas where I discussed my life and beliefs.  Well, as I get a little older, plenty of my perspectives...

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Ragnarok Rise!!!!

It’s been a busy morning. I was up at 6am this morning – something that may seem to be a non-issue with many people but is actually an amazing feat for me – and out the door for 7am. Melanie came with me for...

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I’m back in

Got a message from Maciej Jonasz a few minutes ago…they are shooting my scene tomorrow morning at 8am. Sucks to have to be up at that time on a Saturday morning, but at least I get to be in the movie and still have a full...

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Support Community Theatre

When I started doing community theatre, I found that I was surrounded by people who were there for the love of theatre. Some were fantastic actors in their own right, where others just did it for something to do and were just as...

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