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Double Win!

I am feeling really good tonight after a very long day. Just came back from the Area 14 Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest where I placed 1st for both.  I had performance anxiety all day…not because I was...

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Next Step

Tomorrow night will find me back at Speak for Success Toastmasters in Bradford for the Area 14 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests.Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Centre 471 West Park Ave.East End, 2nd FloorBradford,...

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Thanksgiving 2012

As we age and move on towards our own plans, the times of getting together with our extended families grows thin.  Weeks, even months can go by without seeing them.  For some, it’s even years.The dynamics of how...

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Couch Bound

As some of you may know, I have suffered from an unusual and degenerative version of arthritis in my knees (and other joints) for many years.  For those who didn’t…well, now you know.  I’ve never...

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Michael walked along the mountain path, a gorgeous forested view to his left.  But he did not see it.  Eyes set on the ground, he trudged forward, taking in nothing of the remarkable beauty around...

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The following piece is inspired by something that Henry Rollins said to Chris Hardwick on an episode of the Nerdist.  I had a different plan tonight but my creative energies were mostly sucked up by something that...

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Getting There

A few days break occurred in my new regime due to a combination of sick family and a very busy weekend schedule.  It’s crazy how the days just get away from you.  Yes, yes…I should be well more than aware...

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I’ve been experiencing some nostalgia over the last week or so, largely brought upon by the unfortunate deaths of a couple of my older friends.  This brought me to take a look at the old blog and I realized just how...

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For the first time in almost ten years, I’ve been forced to deal with employment issues…and a bit of an existential crisis. I have recently left RBC, and have found to my initial dismay that the career...

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I’m alone with the boys until next Thursday while Melanie helps her sister out in Minnesota.  This can be a bit daunting…however I think I’ve held up ok.  At the least the house isn’t completely...

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OK, I think I might just be a bit of a hypocrite…but only a bit.During a recent table-topics speech at a Toastmasters club I was guesting at I was asked to discuss whether or not I would be upset if the Canadian...

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Day 1 – Part 3

Melanie’s mother gave her the number for Alois – her uncle, who was expected to pick us up at Dusseldorf airport. We quickly called the number and got his wife, who informed us Alois had already left….though...

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